Leave it to some Canadians to keep metal and beer the centerpiece of a snowboarding edit.

For two years, Andrew Burns, Beau Bishop, Wiley Tesseo, and Trevan Salmon have been traversing the Great White North to personify the name of this project, which has left us with the perfect balance of inspiration and awe. This is attainability from a different perspective. The terrain showcased here is essentially an extension of their backyard, with a trailhead a quick jaunt from the front door. And holy shit the feeling of stoke is alive here, considering how we can relate to the float on a pow day or the greatness of riding with friends. Here are some guys that love snowboarding, and we’re glad as hell that they have translated that passion through these final minutes of TURN & BURN.

Enjoy the season finale, and bet your ass that these guys will be hungry for more next year.

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