Strange Brew and Pay the Rent drop the teaser for I Love You, Say It Back.

Pay the Rent and Strange Brew is a match made in heaven. We’re digging the trailer for their new boarding flick, I Love You, Say It Back. We can’t say for sure, but we think they’re talking to snowboarding, itself. The most compelling yet demanding beloved who we dedicate our time, our focus, and our dedication to, season after season. In freezing temperatures. In terrible weather. When we’re tired. When we’re hungover. When we’re beaten down and bruised. Does snowboarding love us back? Sometimes? Maybe? We can’t be sure. Snowboarding doesn’t speak. But it always leaves a smile on our faces, just as Ryan Pluche, Ian Daly, Benny Kaufman, Keenan Faulkner-Cawley, Freddy McCarthy, Christine Savage, Daniel Salazar, Danny Kern, Taylor Elliott, Nial Romanek, and friends display in the teaser for their new video. Full movie dropping soon.