Last March, the crafty and conspiring minds of Rome Snowboards and Snowboy Productions gathered in the high forests of Vermont for a cultivation of carving like never seen before in the Green Mountains–or beyond. Sugarbush Parks was the site of the first-ever Sidehit Seance, a creative, hand-built set up two years in the making that weaved in and out of the trees of Mt. Ellen. Ståle Sandbech, Len Jorgensen, Madison Blackley, Ivika Jürgensen, Ozzy Henning, Kayli Hendricks, Nate Haust, Ralph Kucharek, and many more of the members of the Syndicate made the trip to VT for a week of ripping the hand-built park. Enjoy this look into what they conjured up while at the Seance, filmed b Chris DeJohn and Devin Bernard, and edited by Devin Bernard.