Watch: 6 Riders, 7 Stops, and 11 Days on the Road in an RV

Like the Road Rules of snowboarding (but without the drama, subbing in high levels of stoke and snowboarding, instead), Zeb Powell, Maggie Leon, and Jesse Augustinus jumped in the RV with Red Bull once again this March for a springtime tour of the East Coast from Pennsylvania to Maine. They were joined by NC ripper Brantley Mullins, New Jersey up and comer LJ Henriquez, and a crew of old friends, new friends, and folks just hyped to be out there boarding. Days spent with Hoods to Woods, Park Affair, and riding with local communities along the way further leveled up the stoke of Zeb, Maggie, Jesse, and crew. Watch the video for a look at exactly what went down, when the riders of the Slide-In Tour make moves all over the Northeast.


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