For the second year in a row, a group of terrain park staff from all over North America gathered at Trollhaugen for a week of digging, learning, and collaborating during the process of building the infamous Valhalla park.

In 2021, the women that made up the first Take the Rake made an impact that reverberated through the snow industry for the rest of the year, prompting terrain park crews, operations staff, and resort management to consider how we can bring more women into the ops side of the resort world and actively welcome more people into this sector of the workforce.

In 2022, Take the Rake returned to Trollhaugen to build on the success of the previous year. The size of the all-female crew doubled. The event grew an extra day. In addition to building a park, the women took part in clinics to get the chance to learn to weld, fix features, and grow their handwork skills.

The momentum continued this year at snowboarding’s favorite park oasis in Wisconsin. Here is a look at the week and the women who built this park (and who build many of the parks we all love to ride around the US and Canada). Filmed and edited by Nali Prevedel.