Mount Baker, Washington is home to some of the most technically skilled snowboarders out there. The terrain of the PNW is an ideal setting for the apex of board control and creativity. The proof is in the (high moisture content) powder: Austen Sweetin, Zoë Vernon, and Jacqui Shaffer, three riders who call the region home. What happens when they make moves for Alaska? Watch Trio Sonic to find out and increase your hype as the winter gets underway. Filmed and edited by Sean Lucey.

“Trio Sonic is a convergence of boarders who hail from Northwest Washington. Austen Sweetin, Zoe Vernon & Jacqui Shaffer spend their winter months caressed in the pocket of the catcher’s mitt that is Mt Baker. They chase each other up the boot pack, race to get first tracks, and fist bump on top of pillow stacks. Their winters are spent weaving in and out of each other’s orbit; it was only a matter of time before these riders converged for a trip. This confluence of snowboarders brought all past experiences, abilities & expertise together to move through the Alaskan mountains like a braided river. Each rider weaving their unique line down the mountains, merging together, more powerful than before to cascade over obstacles and flow with their surroundings.” – Jacqui Shaffer