Watch: Burton’s Culture Shifters 2022 Seeks to Expand the Snowboarding Landscape

A gathering of athletes, musicians, artists, and cultural icons touched down in Aspen with Selema Masekela and Zeb Powell as hosts for the second year of Culture Shifters, a two-day event aimed to expand the snowboarding landscape.

“Where you come from and who you are is how you ride,” explains Selema. “It’s how you dress. It’s how you express yourself on the mountain. The idea with Culture Shifters is to expand the landscape of what that looks like.”

Joined by members of the Burton team, including Rob Roethler, Brolin Mawejje, Luke Winkelmann, and ambassadors Miranda Writes, Mirae Campbell, and Bryan Reid, the group shared snowboarding with Gary Rogers, Zion Wright, CJ Uzomah, Shannon Howell, Jesse Mizell, Chrissy King, Giovani Bernard, and more. Check out the video to hear from everyone what the two-day event at Aspen meant for them and for snowboarding as a whole.


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