Watch: Clouds Be Damned, They’re Gonna Ride

You know what you sign up for when you head to Mt. Hood in May; the weather is a chaotic mash-up with more dissonance than a twenty-something trying their hand at DJing. But this is what makes this time of year at Mt. Hood so great, too. You appreciate every day with clear skies–honestly you’re hyped any time it’s

not raining–and when you are in the middle of the clouds, you appreciate the spookiness of being that high up in the mist with your friends (and for all the shooters, you just do anything you can to get a photo or clip). With five days of private park access before the set up opened up to the public for the weekend, this was the longest IT’S TITS! ever and every rider, photographer, and filmer there at this final event of Snowboy Productions‘ 25th anniversary tour was ready to take full advantage of every rideable moment. Mother Nature was in on it and gave us a day of perfect blue, one quintessential Mt. Hood afternoon above the clouds, a mid-May powder day, and two days in the clouds (ever been sunburned when it’s misting?). This allowed for plenty of time lapping as well as time to enjoy the reunion, and of course, time spent skating BOB down at the Wy’East Academy campus.

IT’S TITS! is, without a doubt, one of the best weeks of the year. Get a glimpse of how awesome it is through the official edit, made by the one and only Mia Lambson. Additional filming by Paul Osbourne, Sammy Deleo, Jake Kuick, Sean Genovese, Jeff Holce, Tucker Brown, Stantech, and Samantha White.

The official word from Snowboy Productions:
Year Four of “It’s Tits!” at Timberline on Mt Hood! A week long celebration of women’s snowboarding with a focus on community and progression while also raising funds and awareness for Boarding For Breast Cancer in a safe, inclusive and stress free setting. It’s not just rad…”It’s Tits!”

Riders in order of appearance: Jill Perkins, Egan Wint, Maria Hilde, Melissa Riitano, Ari Morrone, Emily O’Connor, Laura Rogoski, Stefi Luxton, Alexa McCarty, Niama Antolin, Darrah Reid-McLean, Mary Rand, Christine Savage, Charlotte Flowers, Iris Pham, Haley Boucot, Nail Prevedel, Desiree Melancon, Zeia Rose, Zoe Vernon, Mia Brookes, Vanessa Torres, Jade Thurgood, Kaleah Opal, Kennedi Deck, Veronika Perfilyeva, Savannah Golden, Crystal Legoffe, Lauren Nelson, Madison Blackley, Fancy Rutherford, Lily Calabrese, Ellie Weiler, Nora Beck, Lauren Derminio, Emma Schacht, Emma Crosby, Henna Ikola, and Jess Kimura.

Thanks to Timberline, B4BC, The North Face, Monster Energy, Gnu Snowboards, Airblaster, Capita Snowboards, Tactics, Sun Bum, and the AMAZING dig crew for making this event possible!


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