Watch: Day Pass – Maddie Mastro at Mt. Hood

For the past sixteen years, Maddie Mastro has roadtripped to Mt. Hood in Oregon to go summer snowboarding on the glacier. While the Palmer Snowfield has been a home away from home in the summertime since the Mammoth local was 6 years old, this past summer was extra special as Maddie’s trip to Hood marked her completely healing an ankle injury that had upset the previous season for her.

Mornings in the Mt. Hood halfpipe, afternoons at Lake Trillium, and evenings playing dodgeball with High Cascade campers filled the time in Oregon, the perfect ways to get your feet back underneath you after winter, get excited for the upcoming season, and to build up an appetite for a Volcano cone. In this episode of Day Pass, join Maddie and her boyfriend Ryan Wachendorfer as they do summer right at Mt. Hood.


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