Earlier in winter, while storms kept pummeling the Wasatch, Mike Ravelson felt the pull to head back to his roots, where although winter was slow starting, the park tide was high at both Wachusett and Loon. Is it the journey or the destination? Maybe it’s a bit of both, though the destination is an ever-evolving construct that prompts us to push forward in the journey…Rave says it better below.

They say; “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” And it’s true. Only on the journey, the road, the adventure of this life does the flame grow and shine brighter. That we may be hypnotized by the passing lines, and informed as to what is, and who we are. If a “destination” exists, it exists in the dark. An illusion to help us move in a particular direction. The mirage on the horizon that seems so important until our supposed arrival. If an arrival exists.

The flickers represent the individual steps taken towards a dream. It doesn’t matter if we move by air, land, sea or even by imagination, as it’s the present moment that is the destination. Let each passing line be the invitation to a brighter day. The flickering flame. It’s amazing what the road can say. If we have the patience and attention paid. Walk, run or sit, and let the yellow flickers lead the way…

On this journey, we venture back to New England. A former home turned upside down. These particular roads traveled countless times, rendered completely new with fresh eyes. Familiar small mountains and hills remain more mysterious than ever. A new appreciation for the snow covered overhanging trees on the two lane roads that meander towards each “destination.” The stone grey days somehow radiate a warmth that screams of “home.” Whatever that means. All things change, as do I.

The objective is to exist among. To stare into the mirrors of the eyes, and hope they stare back with the same open hearts. To make it up as we go. And enjoy. – Mike Rav

Featuring Sébastien Picard and Naima Antolin. Filmed and edited by Skylar Brent. Original music by Mike Rav.