The Possy and Snowboy are a great combination and as they gear up for their first event together at Trollhaugen, DUH: The Event, on December 9-10, 2022, the intrepid collaborators just released DUH: The Edit, featuring riding from LGBTQIA2S+ riders at last season’s event. Hit play and enjoy the snowboard stylings of Elias Lamm, Casey Pflipsen, J DeForge, Alexis Roland, Devi Gupta, Jack Hessler, Austin Smith, Nora Beck, Jill Perkins, Kennedi Deck, Emma Crosby, Josh Tranby and Jesse Paul. Edited by Elias Lamm.

The official word:
DUH. “The Edit!” is a collaboration between Snowboy & Pink Dollar Po$$y featuring footage of LGBTQIA2S+ riders at Snowboy events during the 2021-22 #snowboy25years tour!

Filmed by Blake Geis, Elias Lamm, Casey Pflipsen, Jack Hessler, Chris DeJohn, Devin Bernard, Luis Medearis and Mia Lambson.