Watch: Putting the “Eh” in Holy Bowly

Snowboy’s Holy Bowly returned to the Canadian Rockies, speckling transition and erecting volcanos on the very-much-still-winter trails of Sunshine Village. A cavalry of Canadian shop crews joined every-Bowly-ever individuals Austin Hironaka, Jesse Burtner, and Sean Lucey (Krush, of course, too); the DWD crew; Blake Paul, Forest Bailey, and more from Mervin; Jess Kimura, Maggie Leon, Amanda Hankison, the brothers Westbury, Jody Wachniak, the Rude Girls and the Rude Boys, and many more for a week of shredding, shoveling, and classic late-season snowstorms. What did we learn from this video other than the annual reinforcement that Holy Bowly is a hell of a good time? Yooooo, Canon Cummins!

Filmed and edited by legendary Bow Valley lensman Matt Bryson with additional filming by Alex Bielawski, Colter Heard, and Kyler Lang.

Featuring Jon Chew, Jack McDougal, George Malcom, Flo Corzelius, Brin Alexander, Tanner Davidson, Keenan Filmer, Nic Heringa, Dave Schmidt, Liam Gill, Nick Elliot, Phil Carpentier, Garrett Baker, Fridtjof S.T., Jody Wachniak, Jesse Jarrett, Quinn Ellul, Stefan Alvarez, Bryan Bowler, Ben Poechman, Blake Paul, Ryan Wells, Darrah Reid-McLean, Cannon Cummins and Forest Bailey.


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