Victor Daviet. Strynevegen, Norway. p: Germain Favre-Félix from Snowboard Issue 20.1

Powder with a taste of french fries! 

When Victor acquired a Citroen BX Champagne Millésime 1994 a few years ago, the idea was always in the back of his mind. He had heard about a very special kind of fuel that would allow him to put miles in while keeping it clean when going snowboarding: recycled vegetable oil. What an opportunity, especially when one of his sponsors, The Roster, is a burger & fries joint!

It took a lot of research to figure out how to transform the car in the best way so it would work with this new fuel while keeping it safe for winter adventures. After hours of online searching about bi-fuelling, oil filtering, he met the perfect mechanic, Brice, and oil enthusiast Alain, who helped him set up the Trip Roulette Car for its first trip.

A view worth sharing.

Next on the list: bring the car as far north as he could using only recycled vegetable oil, approximately 3000 km north from Annecy, in Norway. He was going to need loads of oil and a highly motivated crew. The Roulette stopped on Mathieu Crépel for the guest, and you best believe it wasn’t hard to convince him, nor photographer Germain & filmmaker Robin Crétinon to join the happy team on this crazy adventure. It was, though, a bit hard to fit everything—4 people & 250 L of oil—in the amazing Trip Roulette car.

With only the clothes on their backs & their snowboards, they left Annecy dreaming of the snowy slopes of Norway, in the hope of reaching their snowboarding (and driving!) goals and to avoid any car breakdown – as none of them knew a single thing about mechanics. Will they make it? How far can they go? How will they come back? Watch Trip Roulette Ep.6 to find out!

Let the adventure begin !