With Judd Henkes’ surf and snow movie set to drop online soon and getting rave reviews from the world premiere in Southern California, fellow Salomon rider Victor Daviet just dropped his “Wave” edit featuring both boardsports as well. What used to be looked at as a reach for mainstream popularity is now getting some pretty serious respect as the talent level on screen climbs higher and higher. Freesurfer William Aliotti teams up with Victor for a splitscreen black and white edit that could be on repeat in any surf or snow shop all day. Equally impressive turns, airs, and editing, enjoy this one above and keep an eye out for Greenhorn (from Judd and Gimbal God) dropping soon.

Here is what Victor had to say about his latest DVD edit:

“I love surfing so much. Therefore for this episode, I naturally teamed up with surfer William Aliotti, my favourite free surfer and former team mate. The idea was to explore the similarities & connections between snowboarding and surfing by recreating some iconic moves on both side, in an artistic way. Both riders are perfectly mirroring each other’s moves, on the same element – water – while playfully shifting between its frozen and liquid states. A vision magnified through a pure and simple black and white lens, accompanied by a dreamy soundtrack created specifically for the occasion by Dark Sky.”