“There was a 50/50 chance it would go well, but sometimes you gotta break a bone to get what you wanted in the end. This season was my Wishbone.” – Madison

As snowboarders, we accept the risk of injury–sometimes just a strained muscle, other times something more severe–as something we’re willing to deal with. But no matter how aware we are of the possibility of being laid up for a few days, a few weeks, months, or more, it’s still often a bitter challenge when the unexpected happens and we’re stuck inside healing when it’s that seasonal go time.

Early last winter, with plenty of momentum from the previous season, Madison Blackley was at her first spot of the year when she broke a very particular bone in her shoulder. She was grounded as it healed, a process that was nail-bitingly slow just as winter was getting started. But in set-backs there are silver linings, and just as Mads was able to get back on her snowboard in the spring, a magical month of storms hit Utah’s Wasatch and she was provided a wintery few weeks that no one was expecting. She crewed up with friends and filled one month with a winter’s worth of waiting to ride–and Wishbone is the result. A wishbone is a symbol of opportunity and untapped potential before it is broken, but what if the possibilities only grow when it snaps?

Wishbone is not only Madison’s 2021-22 season edit, it’s about reuniting with friends in the mountains and taking advantage of the possibilities, no matter what you had to deal with to get there. Featuring Madison, Corinne Pasela, Kyle Harmon, Edan Fletcher, Peter Limberg, Taylor Elliott, Jed Sky, Howard Eyre, and Marissa Krawczak.