We obviously know Zoi Synnott rides for Burton and a big energy drink, but you know what sponsor might be the best? SIXT?! We are not getting paid to say this. We just want to know the details of that contract. No line at the counter? Unlimited rentals? You think they even pay for gas? That is quite the sponsorship. People say it would be awesome to get a board sponsor, but you can buy a board if you have free cars of whatever you want life! Wonder what the Sixt stance on climate change? Maybe they are all electric cars? ALRIGHT! WE ARE BACK! AN ELECTRIC CAR SPONSOR WOULD BE SICK. Either way, none of that really has anything to do with Yellow, Zoi’s new edit. Very cordial of the New Zealander to drop this right after the Oscars so others had a chance to shine before all eyes went to her bright jacket and clips. A fitting name when you see the jacket she has been running for the past year, but we think she could have gone one shade darker and named this project gold because that is all she received last year. Yeah, that was a pretty cheesy ending that you probably saw coming, but we don’t care. We are standing in line at Hertz waiting for our damn rental car and we are over it.