Zeb Powell – The Bomb Hole: Episode 60

Bender of physics, blower of minds, winner of X Games gold, and all-around awesome boarder Zeb Powell joins Chris Grenier and E-Stone for episode 60 of The Bomb Hole.

From The Bomb Hole:

Zeb Powell is a young pro snowboarder that is paving the future for the next generation of riders. On this episode we talk air awareness, jumping mechanics, diversity on the slopes, Big Pink, sniffing salts, family, wild fans and much more. From ripping on a 203cm pink snowboard known as “Big Pink”, to his gold medal performance at X-Games Knuckle Huck, Zeb is one of the most talented and entertaining riders to ever strap into a board. Sit down with us as we get into the mind set of young Zeb and find out what make’s this kid tick on this week’s episode of The Bomb Hole!


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