Zeppelin Zeerip: Mt. Hood to Argentina

I remember hearing Zeppelin Zeerip’s name around Hood a few summers back, probably because there is no one else in the world name Zeppelin Zeerip. I didn’t realize then that the guy is a straight up ripper. Maybe he’s compensating for twenty something years of being last on the list for everything — regardless of first or last name alphabetization — or maybe he’s naturally talented, but goddamn, can this dude fly. The quality of riding in this video makes up for the fact that I had to watch it on mute.

Watch also: TURN & BURN – Part One: In search of the deep

From Zeppelin Zeerip via Vimeo:

Got pretty lucky to get invited on two last minute trips this summer, first to Mt. Hood to ride at Windells and High Cascade, and second to Cerro Catedral in Argentina. Good times.


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