Here’s proof that Johnnie Paxson is one good lookin’ dude!

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It’s no secret that Johnnie Paxson is one good looking dude. I mean, you can’t deny fact. That would just be wrong, and stupid.

Yesterday, while seated comfortably on the john (no pun intended), where I do most of my instagraming, I came across a photo posted by Mr. Paxson posing elegantly with a pair of skis accompanied by the caption, “So this happened…”. I immediately liked and commented on the photo. Today he followed up with another of him posing with a snowboard along with the caption, “Oh don’t worry I still board. #trendsetting #killingit #roadtosochi”.

If you’ve never met Johnnie, which I’ve had the pleasure of, he’s one of the coolest guys out there. Not to mention how good he is on a snowboard. He’s so good he landed on the cover of our sister publication, Freeskier Magazine. #mindblown #whatsupwithskiers

Anyways, back to my point. Johnnie doubles as a model for Ralph Lauren, which he probably makes more money doing than snowboarding. But the guy has a passion to ride. So a tip of the cap to you Sir. Paxson (if you’re not a Knight you should be) for your hard work on and off the hill. Never go a changing, and if people give you shit, just give them a flick of your hair, or your number, then quietly walk away.

Here are the photos for you ladies (and dudes) to drool over.

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