Yuto Yamada Snowboarding

We know a bunch of world records have been broken recently and massive hits have been going down, but Yuto Yamada’s recent upload to Insta might be our favorite so far. Out in Sweden for his team week, Yuto went MASSIVE on a hip that looks to have taken quite a beating by way of the landing. Going that big on a perfect hip (so we have been told) is terrifying enough, but to do it late in the day with a bombed out landing is downright psychotic. With 35k likes and counting and a ton of comments from fellow pro riders, this clip will definitely stick in our brains for much longer than the average Instagram. Check it out below:

“King Yuto”, countless fire emojis, and every other compliment under the sun is in the comment section. It was so good that we didn’t even wait for a youtube edit from the event to come out. This is the first Instagram to get its own website post in a long time… and it got us thinking that we might start actually giving social media clips a bit more respect and tossing them on the site to highlight. And now for a little background on Yuto. The regular foot rider hails from Niigata, JPN and is just 20 years of age. He has been competing in big air and slopestlye the past few years with a handful of first place and podium finishes. More importantly, he goes huge and has style which has been helpful in making a name for himself amongst snowboarding’s most talented riders.