When Jeremy Jones goes on vacation, he gets gnarly in Denali

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Words and photos by Jeremy Jones

The invite came at the end of an email regarding Protect Our Winters…

“By the way, do you want to come to Denali in June? I am going with my son Max, some of his friends and a few of mine. No camera crew…full vacation.” – Conrad

Denali had never really been on my tick list. Assuming the peak was crowded, wind hammered and didn’t get much fresh snow above 14k, I had never been very inspired to ride it.

But this was an offer I couldn’t refuse. To get an invitation from none other than Conrad Anker, one of the world’s most accomplished alpinists was a true honor.

But what put the invite over the top was the “no camera crew… vacation” part of the email. For the last few years I have been leading a large production crew on multiple intense trips to unknown places each winter. A “love of sport” adventure was just what I needed. And what better way to see North America’s biggest mountain than with a diverse group that I had mostly never met.

The plan went next-level when the dates matched up perfectly with an Alaska vacation I had planned with my family. What a month in Alaska this was gonna be!

Read the full story and check out the amazing photos from Jeremy Jones’ “vacation” to Denali on jonessnowboards.com

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