Best of SIA 2014: the latest and greatest snowboard goggles for 2015

Year over year, the market rolls out snowboard goggles of all new shapes, styles & tech, but 2015 is truly proving to be a game-changer. Revamped quick-change systems are making it easier than ever to make sure on-hill vision stays supreme, while seemingly small frame tweaks — like Smith’s articulating riggers — will have a big impact on comfort and functionality. From Zeal’s slimmed down HD2 Camera snowboard goggles, to Electric’s new EG3 & anon.’s women specific fit, 2015 is looking pretty damn good.

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Here’s a run-down of the snowboard goggles that we’re the most stoked on heading into next season:

Zeal Optics Forecast snowboard goggles

Zeal Forecast Goggle

As big fans of the extensive field of vision afforded by oversized goggles, Zeal wanted to create a mid-sized goggle that worked for smaller faces, without sacrificing peripheral. The goggle is built out wiht Zeal’s new proprietary mesh x foam hybrid material, slimming down the frame and bringing it closer to the face, while still keeping fogging at bay. Essentially, Zeal has managed to dramatically improve the field of view in a smaller package.
Dragon X2 snowboard goggles

Dragon X2 Goggle

Continuing to build up its Advanced Projects X collection, Dragon has debuted the X2, with the brands new Swiftlock tech, a pair of integrated levers in the frame that allow for fast and simple lens changes. Though the X2 is the brand’s most advanced goggle yet, it hasn’t lost an ounce of that frameless Dragon style.

Smith I/07 snowboard goggles

Smith I/07 Goggle

New to the Smith lineup for 2015, the I/07 is a highlight piece for the brand, with dual articulating riggers that move up, down, and out, depending on what your helmet style demands. A superior fit, plus a new foam design that prevents your lens from fogging; here’s a goggle that will be making its mark come next season.


Spy Bravo Snowboard Goggles

A mid-sized version of Spy’s Doom goggle, the Bravo is brand spankin’ new for 2015, featuring Spy’s Lock Steady quick-change lens system and its Happy Lens tech, already found in their sunglasses line, but brand new to the snow market for 2015. Happy Lens is a color and contrast -enhancing lens that lets in “good” rays from the sun, while blocking harmful ones. Crisp, clear sight, with the added bonus of mood-boosting rays — it’s called the Happy Lens for a reason!

snowboard goggles

Electric EG3 Goggle

The latest and greatest from Electric, the EG3 utilizes the brand’s new Press Seal system, which functions similar to a zip-lock bag in the way that it creates an airtight seal between lens and frame. Sleek oversized style, plus sweet new quick-change tech — the EG3 has certainly lived up to the hype.

ZEAL Optics HD2 Camera goggle

Zeal HD2 Camera Goggle

The slim, sleek, little brother of Zeal’s OG HD Camera goggle, the HD2 boasts a new lightweight profile, the perfect revamp to match the goggle’s next-level tech.

anon. wm1 goggle

Anon. wm1 Goggle

As part of their goal to push more women’s specific gear, Anon. is introducing the wm1, with a smaller frame and thinner foam across the nose bridge to make the goggle a better fit for smaller faces, without sacrificing peripheral vision. The perfect debutante to bring to the market.

Giro Blok goggle in Tort

Giro 2015 Blok Goggle

Understated, with Giro’s tried and trusted Blok frame. Stacked functionality meets simple fashion. 2015, on-point.

Spy Danny Larsen Marshall goggle

Spy Danny Larsen Marshall Goggle

New for next season, Spy is giving their Marshall goggle a makeover. Putting team rider Danny Larsen’s artistic skills to task, they created a goggle that looks so good, we had to show it off.


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