Caleb Bonneville makes it four in a row at the Boreal Expression Sessions

Skier Pete Arneson has stolen many of the headlines along the way to six consecutive victories in the Men’s Ski division, but hiding in the shadows with an equally impressive performance has been 11-year-old snowboarder, Caleb Bonneville. On the night of Friday, March 8, Caleb locked in his fourth consecutive victory in the Grom Snowboard division and kept his 2013 undefeated streak alive. Caleb’s victories include all three Expression Sessions so far this season as well as the final event of the 2012 series. The fourth Session on April 5 is the only obstacle between him and the illusive series sweep.

Incase you have been hiding in a hole for the last 15 years, the Boreal Expression Sessions are a homegrown event series as well as a refreshing change from your everyday rail jam. Skiers and Riders are each given a 40-minute open jam style heat to express themselves and impress the judges. This year’s theme – Terrain Park Expressions – looks to unleash the creativity of Boreal’s Terrain Park Staff to come up with some of the most crazy features and setups you have ever seen. “You have to hand it to the Boreal park staff,” said Matty Britton, one of the riders in the event. “They kill it. They always come up with the most creative stuff.”

For this go around the venue included an S box, a giant spool to down tube and an up-flat bar that resembled a pole jam that launched riders up onto a giant diesel cell. To top it off, several of the sponsors, including Lib Tech, Academy, Skullcandy, Sessions and Arbor, made an appearance and Red Bull brought out their MXT mobile DJ truck for DJ Paul to set the tone.


The boarders were up first and didn’t waste a second breaking in the course. The most popular feature seemed to be the giant spool to down tube and the riders found just about every conceivable angle to hit it. Before the end of the heat those in attendance witnessed a variety of spins on and off the tube, as well as a few wall rides on the side of the spool.

With what has become a tradition, the night wound down with a free pizza feed and award ceremony in the Boreal Lodge followed by a swag toss with everything from hoodies and beanies to wax, DVDs and stickers.

The fourth and final Expression Session of 2013 is on the calendar for April 5th at Boreal Mountain and will once again be fueled by a full roster of sponsors, including Woodward Tahoe, Sessions, Skullcandy, Black Strap, Airblaster, Thirtytwo, Heckler Magazine, Lib Tech, GNU, Arbor, Academy, Dakine, Arnette, Nixon, Burger Me, Blue Coyote Bar & Grill and more. Every person that registers will get some free swag from Skullcandy! See you there!

Registration is from 5-6pm // Action kicks off at 6:30pm!


Grom Snowboard
1. Caleb Bonneville (4-peat)
2. Michael Manson
3. Elias Maas


Men’s/Teen Snowboard
1. Daniel Danzeerger
2. Matt Busedu
3. Jordan Wells


Women’s Snowboard
1. Renee Stein
2. Cali Doerfler
3. Jamie Deister
4. Kailey Bogart (7 year old – honorable mention)

Burger Me! Best Crash!
1. Rylan Tallman


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