First Friday: The story & stills of Cameron Hunter

For me it is the whole experience of documenting a part of snowboarding’s history that gets me really stoked.

Far from Whistler’s iconic backcountry, Cameron Hunter grew up hiking a golf course to get in a few turns. Inspired by riders and the passion they bring to the mountains, Hunter now finds himself behind the lens, capturing the epic moments every snowboarding fiend lives for.

"Blowdown 2013" | Cameron Hunter “Blowdown 2013” | Cameron Hunter

Who first introduced you to snowboarding?
I can’t really remember who introduced me to it, but there was a huge group of us in high school that all skated together and I think it just progressed into something to do in the winter together.

What was your home hill like?
My home hill was a park and a golf course in town that we would hike all day and hit one jump. When resorts finally started to allow snowboarding, at Hockley Valley, we were only allowed on two runs. It was small and had a very disorganized park, but we loved it.

Elias Elhardt, front 3, Whistler backcountry | Cameron Hunter Elias Elhardt | Front 3 |Whistler backcountry

Which snowboarding movie inspired you the most?
I grew up watching the MDP and Whiskey videos; my standout video would have to be Simple Pleasures or Stomping Grounds. I still take a moment to watch them whenever I can.

When you first started taking photos, what were you shooting?
I started taking photos of everything around me, and quickly realized I loved the challenge of a moving subject, which opened my eyes to capturing snowboarding.

How did you transition into snowboard photography?
When I graduated from the photography program at Vanarts I started shooting as many snowboard events as I could, and that in turn started opening doors for shooting at resorts with riders and then into the backcountry.

Did that change the way you viewed snowboarding? Looking at it with an artistic eye?
Yes it definitely did; I started looking at mountains in a whole new way, where to shoot from, what to include in the shot to showcase the rider, the trick and the environment. I am constantly scanning my surroundings to see if there is a shot around.

Why snowboarding? What inspires you the most about snowboarding as subject?
I love being in the mountains with other people that love being in the mountains. I get inspired by the rider’s excitement to hit a feature, when they stomp a trick, or when we go to a new zone. For me it is the whole experience of documenting a part of snowboarding’s history that gets me really stoked.

Colin D. Watt | Slash | Whistler backcountry Colin D. Watt | Slash | Whistler backcountry

What is the most amazing snowboarding trip you’ve ever gone on, or photographed?
I stick close to home, because I live in a place where everyone seems to take their most amazing trips to. Whistler and the surrounding area are amazing! Everything I need is right here: steeps, chutes, more jumps than you can shoot in one winter,open bowls…you name it and it is here, plus the snow is pretty good around here.

If you had to pick a dream location with a dream team or riders to photograph, where would you go, and who would you choose?
I would love to go to Baldface Lodge in Nelson, BC with any one of the people I have met along the way. I have heard the terrain is amazing there and sharing that with good people would be a dream trip for me!

Where do you see (or want to see) your photography take you?
I really want to adventure more, see new places, sit on top of new mountains,ride with new people & share new experiences. I hope that my photography keeps me moving forward, and continues to open my eyes further to this amazing world around us.

Marco Smolla | Whistler backcountry Marco Smolla | Whistler backcountry
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