Gear Up: Garmin VIRB Elite Action Camera


The mecca of navigation, Garmin has expanded their already impressive market offering with the recent release of the Garmin VIRB Elite action camera. Keeping in tune with the popularity of split boarding and exploring untracked elements of the backcountry, Garmin decided to implement features that no other action camera provides.

It is the nature of action sports enthusiasts to have a burning desire for adventures, which often lead to misadventures; with this in mind, the VIRB boasts a sleek design constructed to withstand all collisions and descents- always ready to give it another go. Don’t be afraid of a little precipitation; the VIRB is capable of sitting in water at the depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes — without a case.


Unlike the majority of action cameras, the VIRB contains all the essentials right out of the box, offering a 1.4” Chroma display which allows for easy set-up, preview and replay as needed.  The display utilizes the power of the sun’s rays to stay on, while the camera is powered up without draining the battery life.

The VIRB contains WideVu lenses to capture both up-close shots and vast panoramic footy, giving you the choice of three modes: wide, medium, and narrow in 1080p. It’s common knowledge among snowboarders that the ride is not always smooth, and capturing steady footage can be a troublesome task. But thanks to the VIRB’s automatic adjustments and stabilization feature, filming like a pro has never been easier.

Of course the best is saved for last as the VIRB is incorporates a GPS to display maps, heart rate, and other useful data you want to record. Unlike most cameras, there is the option of ‘Ski Mode’ that knows when to stop recording— red light blinking as you shred down to the end of the run, before stopping the recording on its own.

If you wish to get technologically savvy and convenient, take advantage of all the gadgets and mounts that are compatible with the VIRB, such as the ANT+, or use the Oregon or Edge GPS device as a remote control while you set up for the ideal angle.



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