Gear Up: Top men’s bindings for under $200

When it comes to snowboarding, confidence is key. Trust that your gear is keeping you secure as you huck yourself in the halfpipe, or carve out a slice of backcountry is absolutely essential. Know what else is essential? Finding solid gear that you can buy without relegating yourself to McDonalds’ dollar menu for the rest of the season. We care about your health, and we also want you on board as much as physically possible.

So here you have it! We’ve rounded up 5 of the top men’s bindings for under $200. Below you will find top brands with bindings that are lacking only one significant thing: a hefty price tag.


Flux TT-JSLV Bindings

While the TT-JSLV binding is tagged up with out-of-this-world graphics, it is also decked out with more tangibly rad features, like an Alpha high back for standard response, and convenient tool-less straps. Built to withstand even the most intense skate-influenced riding, this binding can handle everything from hefty drops to technical jibbing thanks to 3D cushion base-plates, which help to maintain a pressure-free atmosphere.

Price: $189.95


Technine Elements Pro Bindings

Presenting a freestyle-focus flex with the scrub high-back, the Elements Pro binding will handle business on mega booters, triple-kinks and everywhere in- between. Versitality on the fly is prime with the option to swap out the soft scrub high-back for the Park Destroyer high-back to allow improved response and reinforcement to dominate the rest of the mountain with ease. After long hours of non-stop lapping your feet will be feeling fresh with the full-length baseplate padding and EVA footbed cushions to quiet down the noise till the fat lady sings.

Price: $191.95


Burton Mission Bindings

Burton’s Mission binding has been around for a solid ten years, giving riders a binder with a comfort level normally found in high-end models and a mid-range response for handling anything you can throw at it all while still hitting a price point you can’t beat in snowboarding. If your pockets are stretched thin but you’re in dire need of a new way to hold yourself to a board, check out the Burton Mission.

Price: $199.95


K2 Formula Bindings

Success on the mountain boasts a simple formula: it’s staring right at you! The K2 Formula binding features a Rocklock highback designed with asymmetrical shaping to complement your natural stance for optimal comfort. Responsive Pro-Fusion GF baseplates provide insane control over your snowboard, and EZ-Set toe straps give you the option to dial in over the top of your boot or around the toe. In short, K2 has created a binding to keep your comfort and stoke at an all time high, day in and day out.

Price: $199.95


Union Force Bindings

The bindings of choice for both Cale Zima and Dan Brisse, you’re free to up the ante with the Force on board. A hefty base plate matched with a medium-flex means next level heel control, while the simply fact that they’re Union approved inspires confidence in that fact that these bindings are both durable and dependable. Ride on.

Price: $199.95


Rome United Snowboard Bindings

Rome’s United binding certainly live up to their name, uniting all different types of terrain and giving you the freedom to explore the mountain, from peak to park. Specs: an asymetrical highback, lightweight construction & contour heel strap; step into these and you’re set for the season.

Price: $159.95


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