Burton Mystery Series Stowe

The glue which has been the bond within snowboarding since the beginning of our time has not been tricks, or names, or places. It has been the community. Of course, the snowboarding community is full of countless names in many places who are constantly pushing the limit of trickery, but our community shares a commonality; a mutual love of sliding sideways down a mountain with our friends. As snowboarders, we can’t get enough of it.

Guershon Villiere

So, we had to go check out a Burton Mystery Series event for ourselves, but in doing so, we wanted to take a different approach to documenting the day. Real-life snowboarding is raw. It is chaotic and expressive. It is so many things, and each person at the Mystery Series event at Stowe in February experienced their own version of snowboarding. Oh, but we did all watch Shayne Pospisil smoke everyone at yet another banked slalom. He’s on to something…

That said, we approached this get-together to provide you a pure glimpse into vignettes of collective experiences, all of which made up another incredible community event. This four and a half minute film was shot with two cassettes of Kodak VISION3 200T, and has been virtually unedited. Given the nature of the film and the Nizo S800 camera with which it was recorded, the footage is void of ambient snowboarding sounds, but you’re a snowboarder, so let your inner snowboarding consciousness fill in the blanks. The song choice? Well, this particular one was stuck in my head the day of the event. This is the way the day went, pure and simple.

-Mike Basher, Snowboard Magazine Editor