The Never Summer Video Scavenger Hunt

Registration for the Never Summer Video Scavenger Hunt is underway! Get your team of 3 rounded up and registered today.
-5 tasks a week for 8 weeks
-capture your team on video completing the tasks
-send in the video

1st Place team – Each team member gets his or her choice of snowboard and $250.00
2nd Place team – Each team member gets his or her choice of snowboard
3rd Place team – Each team member gets his or her choice of Longboard
Bonus – One team will be selected to join us on the Never Summer X Steamboat Powdercats trip!

How it works: The contest starts Thursday, December 19, and will run until Thursday, February 13, 2014. Every team will have three members, and 2 of the 3 must compete in the week’s activities. All challenges will be released on the Never Summer website on December 12, broken down by week to be completed and submitted by the Thursday of each respective week by each team. For more information, click here. 

Scavenger Hunt Flyer2


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