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With two Dew Tour first place slopestyle trophies already in the bag, and the first landed contest triple at last weekend's X Games Big Air event, Norwegian hyper-shred Torstein Horgmo is well on his way to having his best contest season yet. But it ain't all tricks and treats for this DC pro. Torstein and I cozy up via the intraweb to give y'all the real lowdown on the infamous X Games triple, his contest luck this season and what he has planned on the film front.

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You've been absolutely slaying it so far this season. What has been your mindset coming into this contest season?

I was coming into the second Dew Tour with half-healed broken ribs, which carried over for the X Games, which kinda sucked. I´ve just been trying to stay on my feet and get through it all. It's been the best and the worst contest season for me so far.

There was some talk about people calling your trick at X Games Big Air a triple cork…others who said it was a triple flip. Do you want to clarify?

I really wanted to get it all the way around, I just couldnt do it. There was no help in the jump and it was not really big enough either. It ended up being more like a triple flip than anything else, or just a really bad stunt…and I´m not stoked on stuntboarding.


Spinning for the win at Winter X

What does it fell like being the first one to do the triple and now landing it in a contest?

The first one I landed felt really good, the one at X Games was harder. I slammed really hard a couple of tries before and got this crazy migraine attack. I´m pretty damn happy I landed in the end though and didn't hurt myself more on the ice.

You have one of my favorite styles in snowboarding. It always looks so natural and smooth. Who did you watch growing up and how do you look up to currently style-wise?

I watched a lot of snowboarding movies growing up, pretty much all of them. But definitely stand outs like MFM, Travis Parker, Chad Otterstrom, the Kingpin crew and the big Forum 8. Today I get inspired by pretty much everyone I ride with. And I ride with a lot of different homies all the time. Like a couple weeks ago I had Aaron Biittner over in Norway and we were supposed to film together, but I fucked up my ribs, so I got to watch him a lot. I was hyped on that.


On the podium at Breck Dew Tour. Photo by Zak Shelhamer.

You've been really pushing and doing really great videos on there. How have you come up with concepts? What else do you have planned this season?

I just come up with different stuff on the go, together with my homie Toby from Norway. He´s a super talented Camera nerd/awesomeman.

Who helps you on the filming and editing front?

Tobias Froystad aka Toby/Tobi1kenobi/Tobesteez/Toblerone


What did you think of the under 18 sweep that took the X Games slope podium?

I think it's sick. Those guys kill it!

How has filming been going with Standard this year?

Pretty shit so far. Got nothing yet, but looking forward to the end of this contest madness so I can get into some real work. 😉

Any spring trips planned yet?

Not yet. Probably gonna go down to Norway though.


Can we expect you at the Dew Cup Finals?


Will you be going to Euro X?

Probably not..

Any other big or exciting news you want to fill the world in on?

Nicole´s doing good. I havent broken her yet. Lots of "Game of In Yo Face" coming up. Maybe some more auditions. Oh, and yeah, Snoop Dogg just Tweeted about me, pretty crazy.

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Shout outs: Thanks to everyone who gives a crap and has supported me. My family, friends and all of my beloved sponsors. Love u all!

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