Robinson & Lazzareschi Win 2011 TNF Masters at Kirkwood

Aaron Robinson "STOMPED" / Photo Hardaker

Kirkwood, CA – Aaron Robinson and Iris Lazzareschi will be standing atop the podium this evening as the 2011 North Face Masters of Snowboarding champions from Kirkwood, CA. Known as "A-rob" on tour, Aaron Robinson has once again won the overall mens title during the 2011 North Face Masters of Snowboarding tour. Similar to last year Aaron came into the finals needing a win to take home the crown and showed everyone his ninja skills on his board.

“Year after year, the riders just keep getting better,” said Head Judge Tom Burt. “The competitiveness of the tour is off the charts. With the top two women being separated by only one point, and the overall winner for both men and women being anyone’s game until the very end, it made for an exciting end to a great year.”

Maria DeBari a first year competitor on the tour won the overall title for the women with 3 strong contest results this year. One of the nicest ladies on tour, Maria and the entire DeBari clan are a welcome addition to the North Face Masters.


Forrest Burki committed line / Photo Hardaker

The North Face Masters Young Gun award went to Olympian Callan Chythlook-sifsof a newcomer on tour. Callan made the trip down from Alaska and walked away with second place and the young gun award. Watching Callan charge down the mountain, you can tell she rips big lines in AK.


Josh Warnick / Photo Hardaker

The overall North Face Masters Young Gun Award winner went to upcoming snowboarder Josh Warnick. Everyone is stoked to have Warnick competing in the big mountain arena. Hailing from Mammoth Mountain, CA Josh has a big future in snowboarding, in halfpipe comps and big mountain venues. One of the nicest guys on tour, and as humble as the come.


Mens Winners L-R Galvin, Holiday, Backstrom, Robinson, Irwin, and Rodosky / Photo Hardaker     

Aaron Robinson once again threw down the highest scoring runs of the competition, winning back-to-back years of the North Face Masters Tour. Aaron rides out of Big Sky, MT but spends most of the winter chasing deep snow across the globe. He is always smiling, a friend to everyone on tour and just amazing all around snowboarder.

“I’m super psyched. This morning, when I woke up, I said I was just going to go out and win this thing and I did,” said Aaron Robinson. “I get to be the reigning champ for a whole year again; the two-time reigning champ this time.”


Callan Chythlook-sifsof / Photo Hardaker

During the finals Forrest Burki had the most committed line of the comp, he came flying down the slope with high speed into a mandatory air section. After a few billygoat turns, Forrest pointed his board down the slope and stomped a 60+ foot air. "Ginger Mafia" member Andrew Irwin took 3rd place with a gnarly straight line through exposure that to this day no other snowboarder has ever attempted in competition. For Andrew to have even seen that line was impressive, to ride it that will go down in the history books. Last years Young Gun Tour winner Alex Yoder found himself in a scary situation and decided to hike out during his run. This showed Alex's maturity and proves he will be around the a long time to come.


Ladies Winners L-R Daiek, Chythlook-sifsof, Lazzareschi, DeBari / Photo Hardaker

“I went into it knowing that if I stomped everything I could probably do well. Everyone is riding so hard right now, you just never can tell. I rode my line hard and I’m stoked on it,” said Maria DeBari. “I can’t believe my overall win was only by one point, I’m definitely going to have to share the celebration with Iris. It was a really tough season this year and I’m just so excited to wind up on top.”     

The North Face Masters of Snowboarding is a big family of riders. This season we were missing a few of our clan, and hope they can be back to join us next year.  100 Lucky snowboarders get to travel around together, see new places, ride new mountains and build life long friendships. Odds are the tour will sell out again next year..  We hope you can come join us for some of the most fun I have ever had snowboarding!!

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