On Saturday January 29th Ink Monstr teamed up with Schomp Mini and Faye Motor Sports to show SIA 2011 attendees from around the world how to get down in Denver with this one of a kind FREE 4 ALL party….and yes everything was FREE!


Boasting a huge line up of activities including live body painting, art installations from Purple Razors and Pirate Movie Productions, "A Truck Named Art" presented by So Gnar and Spacecraft, and musical stylings by local hip hop artist Whygee and the one and only Beatnuts, the FREE 4 ALL was set to be the SIA party to remember.

The Vigilante with "A Truck Named Art" in tow!

wygee-0001.jpg wygee-0004.jpg

As the crowd rolled in they were greeted with free adult beverages from PBR, Red Bull, and Avery Brewing Co.   


Beers in hands and smiles on faces the crowd packed in and DJ Brik A Brak kept their feet moving.


Our host for the evening Izra kept the crowd fired up and made sure they were all amped with sponsor product!


Who wants a copy of HOOKED? AAAARRRGGGHHH!


Stoked for some product!


Ink Monstr Founder and party master Reed Silberman gave a hand throwing out the promo as well!


Dave Grigsby from Snowboard Mag came to show some love.


Packed to capacity it was time for the show to go on. Whygee came out firing keeping the amp up and the crowd stoked. If you haven't heard of him yet check his music here:


Getting fired up!

wygee-0025.jpg wygee-0028_0.jpg

John Jackson getting hyped on Whygee.

wygee-0058.jpg wygee-0019.jpg

Not sure about this one……one shoed hip hop star?


The neighbour swung by for some free beer and an epic live show!


Whygee feelin the vibe……..


As always Whygee crushed his set unfortunately an unruly neighbor didn't share our passion for music and art and decided to call the police. Within minutes they were shutting down the party as The Beatnuts were en route via car. With a quickness we all pulled together and called every bar we knew to find a stage for these legends of hip hop. Whygee hit up his friends over at the Rex Lounge who said they would gladly clear there stage for a free showing of The Beatnuts! Check the vid for a rundown of the evening here:

We want to give a huge shout out to all our sponsors for this one of a kind event. Without the following everything wouldn't have been free! Ink Monstr, Schomp Mini, Fay Myers, Avery Brewing Co., Red Bull, So Gnar, Spacecraft, POW Gloves, Lib Tech, PBR, Pirate Movie Production, Smith, and Six Eleven.

See ya next year at SIA!


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