SIA 2014 kicks off from Denver, CO with the best new snowboard gear for 2015


When you’ve been on the scene as long as Vans has, you’ve got your classics pretty dialed. Looking to next season, Vans is sticking pretty close to its tried and true styles, making simple tweaks and bringing back some throwback colorways to keep things both retro and fresh– old school patterns & Hawaiian prints are making a serious comeback.

vans-jamie-lynn-v66 Paying homage to Jamie Lynn’s legendary career: the Vans V-66, featuring Lynn’s own artwork

One of the highlights of Vans’ new line is their new V-66 boot, which is a collab with Lib Tech that pays homage to Jamie Lynn’s 20 year anniversary with the board brand. Vans used Jamie Lynn’s own artwork to create the boot, also introducing a complimentary Mtn. Edition skate high to keep the Jamie Lynn shout out alive, on snow or off. Vans’ Mtn. Edition shoes are improved versions of their classic skate shoes, built out with reverse lug waffle outsoles for traction and with a special lining, inserted between the in-sole and the bottom of the shoe, that reflects and captures heat to keep your kicks consistently cozy.

New to its boot line, Vans has added the Sequal boot, their new full lace option.


In anticipation of another killer season, Neff has jumped back into its outwear and glove lines and started churning out new styles. As Neff team manager Mark Copeland explains, the brand is taking for a “hot, medium, mild” approach to their gear, with “hot” referring to one jacket in particular, which was designed to look like a massive hamburger. Some of the outerwear prints are definitely more tame, which is probably good considering it does take a special soul to ride looking like a giant McDonalds Happy Meal.

Neff is making moves in the glove department as well, coming out with a Chris Bradshaw pro model: sweet leather mitts with patch accents that would fall under Neff’s ‘mild’ style category, though they’re pretty damn stylish.

Thirty Two:

The Welkin. Thirty Two’s new spotlight piece is essentially everything you need in a jacket; common sense, back to basics, what a jacket should be. A solid mellow orange, the Welkin is made with Infinite Stretch material, meaning you’ve got yourself both a tailored fit and the freedom to grab, stretch and move any and every way. The jacket boasts 20k/20k waterproofing and breathability, plus fully taped seams, inside and out. It’s a tech heavy jacket, in a sleek & simple package.

There are two new boots making their Thirty Two debut this time around. The first is the Ultra Light 2, a boot that nixes a rubber outsole in favor of STI evolution foam. This new sole, combined with a minimalist outer shell, makes the Ultra Light 2 exactly what its name suggests; an insanely lightweight boot. The Ultra Light 2 is making an impression across the market, just recently winning the Gold award at the ISPO tradeshow. The second boot is The Session, a Chris Grenier pro model boot that combines two lacing styles — BOA on the side, to keep the boot’s tongue snug, and standard lacing up the front — a combo system that ensures a highly customized fit.

As far as collabs are concerned, Thirty Two has teamed up with Cory Smith and Spring Break snowboards for an extensive collection: boards, boots, outerwear and accessories. While Smith hand crafts his signature snowboards, Thirty Two has created throwback color block boots, plus a matching Anorack jacket and hat that ooze 90s style. Retro style at its finest.

Up next: Under Armour, Electric & Smith


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