Smokin Pool Party 3 at Boreal

Well the Smokin Pool Party 3 at Boreal brought to you by Smokin Snowboards, Truckee Horticulture, Skull Candy, Union, Matix, DVS, Electric, Neff, Volcom, Zinka, Coal, AirBlaster, OneBallJay is a wrap. With one of the most progressive and unique setups we have had to date, the kids went off and there was some serious shredding going down. It was built with the drop-in being the Half pipe with jibs on it, into a euro gap or up rail, then into a qp with a banked box on top, then turn around and come back to the down bar or road gap, and it also included a hip to wall ride feature and our Smokin Pool Party pond skim with a lift tower jib thru the center. It was a great time. Tons of folks came out to rip and party with local celeb Danny Davis and Rome Shredder LNP along with Academy Team Manager Eric Drummer. So many riders dropping and killing the Boreal terrain park setup made it hard to distinguish the best, but it was thinned out and the top 15 rode the finals out with some serious bangers.With more free gear and schwagg than we have ever had before, everyone went home with handfulls of stuff from all of our great sponsors. By the end of the day the top honor went to Salomon Snowboards Sawyer Dean, Second pace was earned by Smokin's Bryce Salazar, and third place honors went to Brenden Rego who also murdered the entire event. The ladies top spot went to Saori Nasu from Japan, while the King Grom of the Day was 13y/o Dante Brooke who wowed the judges with a back rodeo up the euro gap. It was pretty sick. All in All the day couldn't have been better with an absolutely Beautiful day and a great course from Boreal Terrain Park crew.

We need to Thank our partners Truckee Horticulture's Steve, Roy, Ryan, and Ian, Huge thanks to Ken "Skindog" Collins from Bern and Volcom, Chris from C3, George From Union, Richie from Volcom, DVS Matix and Ricky Melnik, Cyle from Electric Visual, Matt Cummins from Oneballjay, Monty Roach from Zinka and Anarchy Eyewear, Rick Alden and Skyler from Skull Candy, Jesse Grandkowski from AirBlaster, Cope and Shaun at Neff, Aj Steed Photography, Motorhome, ZEB, Community Project, PRSN, Bryce Lowell, and the guys from Wurk in reno for coming out and blesing us with BASS. A huge thanks to our friends at SNOWBOARD MAG and everyone at Boreal for making it happen, Eric, Lane, Jon, Jodi, and Shaydar. couldnt have done it without your help. Thank you. And of course a huge thanks to the folks at Smokin for giving back to the kids, Jay, Wara, and Joe… you kill it. Make sure you check out the Gallery of photos from the Contest. Video edits coming soon. make sure you check out and for more.


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