SuperShops: Milosport

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Address: 3119 E. 3300 S., Salt Lake City, UT, 84109
Years in Business: 28 Years
Twitter: @milosport
Brands Carried: Over 100

Not many shops out there can claim that they’ve helped the industry as much as Milosport. The shop out of Salt Lake City, Utah has placed more pros in the limelight, and industry heads in their dream jobs than arguably any other organization in snowboarding. From Mikey LeBlanc and JP Walker, to MFM, Bode Merrill and the jibber Jeremy Jones — Milosport’s team is as deep as the pockets in those ridiculous JNCO jeans from the 90’s.

While Milosport is focused on the customer first, they are eager to help hungry kids climb the industry ladder and make something of themselves, which could be why any kid working there will likely be a name worth remembering. The shop has an unbreakable rule: if while working there you’re offered a position within the industry, you have to take it explains Milosport owner Cal Egbert. “The philosophy that we’ve always had is that if a kid works hard and pays his dues, we help him move up.”

Started in 1984 by the guys who brought you Winterstick, Milosport has always been about the love of the ride and nothing else. “Our mission is to help people have fun. As soon as the money becomes more important than what we do, it’s time to move onto something else,” says Egbert.

Lead in part by Milosport general manager Jeff Perry, the shop has a strict code of conduct — be nice to everyone. “One thing I engrain in the employees is that whether you’re at the shop or the mountain, you’re friendly no matter what. Everyone knows who they are and who they represent, and we want that to be positive,” says Perry. “We are not there to judge you, whether you ride a lot or a little.”

Considering most of the pro riders that came out of Milo were initially employees, you could say that the staff knows a thing or two about the ridiculous amount of product they are slingin’. But you won’t find these guys pushing product you don’t need or want. According to manager Trevor Brady, “All the dudes who work here actually snowboard and skateboard. We’re all into it, and we all love it. A lot of times people come in wanting one of the most expensive and best boards we have, but we know it won’t be the best fit for them, so we let them know what would fit them better and let them make the choice.”

Milosport doesn’t rely on hype and can due without excluding people that aren’t as “core” as they are. The shop that could be considered a dynasty continues to thrive by sharing its love for snowboarding with anyone who cares to listen.


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