The Meeting 9: A full recap from 3 amazing days in Aspen, Colorado [GALLERY]

The Meeting 9 is officially a wrap! Aspen has kicked off yet another season in style, bringing out the best and brightest in the ski and snowboarding industries to schmooze, share insights, and have a damn good time.

For three solid days, brands, athletes, and media converged on the mountain town to catch up on the past season and look forward to another round. The Red Bull and moonshine were flowing, the snow was falling, and the stoke was on overdrive.

Attendees were lucky enough to listen to and learn from some of the most successful personalities across the industry, from Burton’s Nick Sargent to GoPro’s Paul Crandell, as well as from people like author Steven Kotler, who gave one of the most enlightening presentations of the weekend, discussing flow states and how they amplify progress and productivity. Undoubtedly, The Meeting’s actual meeting was an invaluable melding of the minds — a vital chance to gear up and get stoked for a successful 2013/14 season.

Sounds from The Meeting

Ian Durkin discuss landing a Vimeo Staff pick.

Brooke Wentz discusses scoring the perfect movie soundtrack, legally.

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A work-hard play-hard mentality infiltrated the weekend, and on the entertainment front, Aspen and sponsor Red Bull went above and beyond. Premieres were in no short supply, with the latest and greatest from Nike, Jake Blauvelt, and Will Film For Food taking their turns on the big screen throughout the weekend. A snow-inspired fashion show took center stage at the Belly Up bar, before DJ Shadow took over to tear up the turntables. Topping off an already stellar event, Red Bull hosted yet another year of go-carting madness Saturday morning, inviting all attendees to shake off their hangovers and rally for some racing— Mario Cart for grownups.

At the end of yet another edition of The Meeting, we can say with certainty that this event is instrumental in introducing each new snowboard season; bringing together the best and the brightest from every corner of the industry to meet and motivate.

With the Colorado mountains on fire with fall colors, we made our way to enjoy all that The Meeting has to offer — snapping photos, and snagging sound bytes along the way. Check out a gallery of good times with great people, and listen in to Snowboard Mag’s Sound Cloud for quick and dirty interviews with snowboarding’s top movers and shakers. Cheers, ladies and gents, here’s to a killer 2013/14 season!


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