The Meeting 9 kicks off in Aspen, CO

The leaves are turning, the mountains are frosted, and The Meeting 9 has officially kicked off in Aspen, CO. With yet another season bearing down upon us, we could not be more stoked to spend a weekend with snowboarding’s top movers and shakers, enjoying killer premieres and discussing methods and motives for pushing this industry to the next level.

The Meeting_crowd Premiere time: a stoked crowd packs the tent

For the past nine years, The Meeting has been drawing together personalities from every corner of the industry; media, athletes, brands, and locals converge to discuss the current state of snowboarding, and to enjoy all the glorious debauchery ingrained within it. The work hard- play hard frame of mind rules this weekend, as panels and speakers enlighten the industry masses as to where the next step may lie, while go-carting and raucous late-night antics also play a vital role.

On the premiere front, The Meeting boasts a golden lineup of the season’s top reels, including Jake Blauvelt’s Naturally, Nike’s Never Not, Part II, Will Film For Food’s Livin’ and Burton’s STREET [SNOWBOARDING]. To top it off, fashion shows, concerts, and art shows will be going down throughout the weekend as well.

Today, attendees with gather in The Limelight Hotel for an annual conference; speakers and panels discuss the past, present, and future of the industry, from media to marketing; brand authenticity to “the perfect soundtrack.” While this portion of the weekend may not sound thrilling, it has proven to be a cornerstone of every new season, an invaluable meeting of the minds.

We will be on hand all weekend, getting the lowdown on the latest and greatest snowboarding has to offer, and spilling the beans along the way. Keep your ears open, as Sound Cloud interviews will be hitting the waves, and your eyes peeled for reviews of all the epic films we get to watch, and interviews with all of the creative brains we get to pick.

Picture 1 Local films battled it out for NEPSA glory | P: Aspen/Snowmass


Another round of NEPSA is officially a wrap! With 10 films entered from local filmmakers, NESPA spotlights Aspen’s own creative talents, and gives the public a chance to appreciate them. With themes ranging from ‘Funday Sunday’— easily the most popular — to ‘Apocalypse,— zombie-rific— the crowd arrived in droves, packing the house to appreciate a reel of incredibly rad short films. In the end, “Dawn Patrol: The Real and Amazing Story of Aspen Mountain Mogul Makers” came out on top, as judges and audience alike dubbed it the 2013 NESPA king, and awarded the filmmakers a cool $2,000.

1st Place – Andy Curtis for “Dawn Patrol: The Real and Amazing Story of Aspen Mountain Mogul Makers” – $2,000

2nd Place – Pat Sewell (Aspen/Snowmass Athlete) and Chris Tatsuno for “Midnight Crazy Train to Squawllywood” – $1,000

3rd Place – Jason Currey for “Sabbath Day Funneth Day: Huck it for Jesus” – $500

For the ninth year running, The Meeting has taken over Aspen, CO — stay tuned, we will keep the content rolling throughout the next few days!


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