Full Movie: “One Wave Or Another”

From YouGoFirst Collective:

One wave or another // A film about snowboarding presented by Yougofirst collective

Produced by: Matic Zavodnik and Vid Barić, directed and edited by Matic Zavodnik

Featuring: Andrej Marinčič, Georg Obermeissner, Žiga Rakovec, Matic Zavodnik, Vid Barić, Žiga Erlač, Nejc Pucko, Erik Harc, Ana Rumiha, Nejc Ferjan, Mitja Kodrič and friends

Filmed by: Gregor Berkopec

Additional filming by: Jakob Šuster, JK Media, Marco Morandi & Massimo Caldara (DVP), Rene Gallo, Lukas Lerperger (BLV/NTHNG), Dejan Hodžić, Matic Zavodnik, Kristijan Stramič, Miha Godec, Mark Pric, Andraž Žan, Peter Podobnik, Matej Gostinčar, Dominik Istenič, Andraž Kadunc, Iztok Šumatič, Matej Skerbinjek, Aljaž Sedovšek, Aljaž Erlač, Sebastian Madlener, Tom Eliot, Pashko Standl, Karli Terzer

Supported by: YoBeat, MethodMag, MPORA, ShredOnMag, TheMustachio, Monster, Nitro, Rhythm, Sandbox, Death Label, Northwave, Drake, Adidas, Blue Tomato, Libtech, Ziggi


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