Arc and Texture

Mike Basher is too bashful to talk himself up, so I will. He is one of the best photographers I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and his studio work is second to none. A master of shaping light to his advantage, finding lines and pushing the boundaries of what is considered when looking at a snowboard is why I’m always interested in what he is working on. To break out of the normal cycle of waiting for his art to hit the print pages, we let him loose in the studio with some new tasks of just bringing us cool photos of stuff he is into. The internet needs less memes and more Basher photos. And while these would be properly viewed on a wall somewhere with a drink in hand, we haven’t set that up yet so this is what we are going to do. Right now in a shed in his backyard he is opening up the latest gear from your favorite brands and putting it in front of a plethora of lenses for our enjoyment. So go ahead, don’t be shy. Scroll down and enjoy the new series, Arc & Texture, on your screen until we start printing these things in the fall. – Clavin

De-tails. The Short Stop, Power Wagon, and Gril Master.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the line and form unique to each snowboard’s design. From the hourglass sidecut to tip and tail shapes, and even to various camber profiles, each snowboard is meticulously engineered to perform a specific way in a certain set of conditions. Being the product editor here at Snowboard Mag, I’ve got a lot of gear kicking around, and Burton’s Family Tree has been begging to hop in front of the camera for some special attention. So, the fine art photographer in me couldn’t help but spend a day in the studio shedding light on just how elegant this series is. 

I loaded up a roll of Ilford Delta 100 black and white film in my Pentax 67 and a few sheets into the Chamonix 4×5, and focused in on the nuances which make this trifecta of ATV boards specifically tuned to make the most of any resort freeriding day. 

Eight compositions. Pentax 67 contact sheet.

Thanks for viewing!