SMith 4D Mag Goggle
25% more view on the lower peripheral, ChromaPop, and easy-lens-change MAG technology make the Smith 4D MAG a 2022 Platinum Pick.


Over fifty years of design innovation and advancements from the folks at Smith have led to the creation of the 4D MAG. All the best features Smith has to offer are rolled into this uber high-end goggle. What stands out, first and foremost, are the rounded edges on the lower portion of the lens. How the engineers at Smith were able to bend the lens and round the corners is beyond me, but the outcome creates 25% more view on the lower peripheral—something Smith calls BirdsEye Vision. So, what does 25% equate to? Put it this way, you can see your toes when barely bending your neck downward. Other goggles on the market with a similar field of view require a gigantic frame to accommodate such peripheral, making for an unusually large apparatus on your face. In other words, the 4D MAG finds superiority by reducing bulk without sacrificing vision.

Like all goggles in the Smith line, the 4D comes with two ChromaPop lenses (low light and sunny) and features the MAG (magnet) technology. This makes lens swapping a breeze when conditions change on the mountain. What sets the 4D Mag apart from other magnet goggles on the market are the two locking switches on either side of the frame that can be latched/unlatched with your gloves on. These mechanisms, combined with the magnets, will ensure the lens will never pop off while riding, should you bail, hit a tree branch, or even scorpion down a landing. Add ChromaPop’s exceptional clarity and you’ve got quite possibly the world’s best goggle. – Jeff Baker

Find out more at and @smithoptics.

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