Ride Deep Fake Snowboard 2024

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I’m northward of 6’1” and weigh 175 pounds—though mid-winter, I’m most likely also northward of that second figure. I also don’t really enjoy riding stiff boards. But last winter, the Ride Deep Fake provided an additional definition of how a stiff snowboard can ride…

Gun shy, I grab the 155 and head to the lift. It recently snowed over a foot, and a bit everything awaits: packed powder groomers, knee-high chop, and some untouched secret stashes. Veering toward a side hit, the Deep Fake blasts me skyward, much higher than I was expecting. Riding away, I do a quick 5-0 on the snow to see how stiff the tail is, expecting from that last air that it would equate to the flex of an ironing board. It bends smoothly and with control as I point it toward what was once an open powder field but is now a minefield of chunder. Let’s see what this thing’s got. Surprisingly, even on this 155, which after that tail press, I’ve decided is probably too small for me, my mind is changed. The Deep Fake powers through some serious bumps.

Powder, groomers—yeah, yeah. I swap out the 155 for the 159, which is the real test. By spec, I should be on the 59. Again, I put it through its paces and am left kind of speechless. This is exactly the experience Ride wanted to dial in: a board that is high performance, but isn’t difficult to ride. In order to achieve this result, Ride combined existing proprietary tech with new additions and much of the magic lies in the Metal Slimwalls. The Deep Fake’s sidewall radius profile is melded with the resiliency of Titanal aluminum (which Ride also uses in the topsheet of the Commissioner). Two layers of Titanal are used in each sidewall, which are bonded together with a fused urethane composite for dampening. This secret serum gives the Deep Fake its unmatched ride: energetic, yet smooth and dampened. The board instills confidence, and packs a punch—characteristics often attributed to stiff boards—yet the Deep Fake is incredibly forgiving and user-friendly, a new breed of high-performance, stiff snowboard. – Mike Basher

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