burton snowboard 2024

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If you’re looking to fully go when the snow stacks up, the Short Stop is not just a powder pony, it’s a powder unicorn. It’s strikingly responsive while effortlessly playful, allowing for deft navigation of technical terrain while maintaining an inclination for surfy creativity. One look at the Short Stop’s big-nose-no-tail shape and it’s easy to imagine how this new addition to the Burton Family Tree line provides an all-time ride on deep days, but it’s the nuanced tech that makes the board super fun outside of storm cycles.

snowboard burton
p: Mike Basher

The Short Stop’s stiffer flex is key for its nimble turning while things are kept lively thanks to the short-and-wide shape combined with Burton’s Directional Flat Top (flat camber that transitions into rocker on the nose). Dualzone EGD strategic wood placement along the toe and heel paired with a running edge that goes all the way to very end of the Short Stop’s barely-there tail is the secret sauce to the Short Stop’s incredibly impressive ability to float without losing any power and drive. One run on the Short Stop and it will be a mainstay in your collection.

“Before the Short Stop, I had never gotten to ride a board in a shape like this because it’s so rare to find one small enough. Honestly, just stepping onto it was exciting. I rode the 142 on a deep day at Powder Mountain and it blew my mind. No exaggeration. Mind blown. The Short Stop is a fully depressed pedal in powder and charges fast and precisely. My favorite part? The effective edge runs all the way to tip of the (almost non-existent) tail, so the Short Stop rides with the nimble maneuvering of a short-tailed board but holds on without washing out like it has a full back end. This board goes.” – Mary T. Walsh, Short Stop 142 at Powder Mountain, Utah

p: Mike Basher

“The Short Stop is outrageously fun with a really versatile sidecut paired with a stiff tail that initiates energy starting at your front foot and builds under your back foot. The playful-looking shape of the Short Stop is all business…but in a fun way. The board is made to perform in powder, but it also holds its own on East Coast groomers and makes for a ripping fun ride.” – Mike Basher, Short Stop 156 at HoliMont, New York

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