Purchase the 2024 Never Summer Valhalla at evo.

The Never Summer Valhalla is one of those rare boards that is ready to take on anything at a moment’s notice. Its slightly tapered, set-back shape is a classic, battle-ready approach to dominating the mountain, but on top of that, the Valhalla has a bunch of really cool tricks up its sleeve to advance ahead. When riding the Valhalla, the first thing you’re likely to notice is its tip-to-tail stiffness when you start loading it up. Initially, because of Never Summer’s Triple Camber Fusion, with reverse camber between the feet, the Valhalla is soft-flexing. This makes it nimble at lower speeds and catch-free on edge transitions. But at the very center of the board is a positive camber zone, which is sort of the nucleus of energy to the Valhalla (and Never Summer’s other triple camber offerings). When loading up the tail, the board’s initial flex and energy builds up easily from the tail, then very quickly increases as positive camber sections come into play, each adding energy into the action of the board. This exponential build-up, combined with V-shaped carbon arrays extending from the binding’s insert packs out to the contact points of the tip and tail, efficiently delivers rider input directly to the snow, making the Valhalla one heck of a weapon.

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