Salomon Snowboard Mike Basher

Purchase the 2024 Salomon Dancehaul at evo.

Ever since Salomon first released the Dancehaul in 2021, the genderless board has been a team-favorite due to its symbiotic blend of agility, float, and all-terrain sensibility. The Dancehaul is primed for powder with a big nose, short tail, and extra width—but remains super quick edge-to-edge thanks to a tapered directional shape and radial sidecut. These attributes, paired with Salomon’s Rock Out Camber, which is flat between the bindings, traditional camber under foot, and reverse out to the tips, are key to the Dancehaul’s responsive and playful ride.

The bottom line, when it comes to all-mountain riding fueled by a creative, freestyle approach, the Dancehaul is an absolute heater. It’s energetic and exciting from first turn, extemporaneous on side hits, nimble on unique terrain (highly recommended for banked slaloms and snake runs), and with a powerful refrain any time there’s fresh snow. The best part? There’s a size for any rider (the Dancehaul is ridden a few cm’s shorter than your normal board), ranging from 143-157, and there’s a Dancehaul Grom for the smaller shreds, available in 125 and 135.

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