Stretching is good. But is over-stretching good? Well, you won’t be able to find out because you can’t over-stretch if the stretch goes on Forever. When buying a jacket, we try to do the opposite of flat Earthers. Stick with us. They believe if we go to the end of the world, we fall off. But we know the globe is essentially a ball with no beginning or end—you can’t fall off. And you can’t fall out of the Quiksilver Forever Stretch Jacket, no matter how many tomahawks you may take while speeding down the hill. Maybe that is why this jacket is a favorite choice of the Quiksilver team? We aren’t saying any of those riders tomahawk a lot, but they definitely aren’t flat Earthers.

Anyway, you can tweak as much as you want in this jacket, because of the stretch we mentioned earlier. Also, the Forever is much more comfortable than a strait-jacket (which you should have to wear if you believe the Earth is flat). It is also made from 100% Recycled Polyester Stretch material, so you can feel good about feeling good in the new colorways with the latest Gore-Tex tech. The Forever Stretch also features Quik’s Strategic Body Mapping for warmth, which leads us to believe that Quiksilver has looked at plenty of maps since the middle ages and obviously knows the Earth is round. The Forever also has a modern fit—no chainmail or other accoutrements from a time when it was acceptable to not believe in the concept of a round Earth—but it does have some mesh vents that kind of look like chainmail from really far away. This jacket also has plenty of convenient and durable pockets like everything else in the Quik line, making it an easy choice for this winter. Kind of like how easy it is to believe that the Earth is not flat, which once again, we should really all know by now. – Mark Clavin


Quiksilver Forever Stretch Jacket – $389.95
sizes: XS – XL
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