Goldilocks seemed like a whiny brat, but it’s all about how you look at her situation. Whether it was a hard bed or a soft bed, or porridge too hot or too cold, you gotta give it to her for knowing exactly what she wanted. Likewise, for the many of us who want a precisely in-the-middle binding as our daily driver, the Ride A-6 is just right.

At the heart of the A-6 is a lightweight, minimalist aluminum alloy chassis, which has been tooled to be as strong as it is flexible. The supportive but forgivingly flexible Slimeback Highback is right there when you need it, but is also soft enough to iron out chatter and aggressive feedback from the snow. The A-6’s two-piece heel strap has a softer initial flex, but can get aggro when you really lean into it, making the A-6 nimble, yet powerful. A cushy, canted footbed awaits your foot, and the most no-bullshit toe strap will stay exactly where you put it. Want a good amount of response when you need it, but still like a binding with a friendly character to it? The A-6 is just right. – Mike Basher

Ride A6 -$299.95
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