Arbor Terra Twin

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Riding powder is all about snow management—that is, how the board interacts with the snow you are trying to navigate. So many things come into play, like velocity, angle of attack, and snowboard surface area. The common solution is to make a board long with a wide nose and a skinny tail, that way the tail sinks immediately and the nose floats, so you can get the board chucking pow turns as quickly as possible. This works, but it’s only one solution to a situation in which there are multiple possible directions. Enter Arbor’s new Terra Twin, a board that kind of breaks the mold. The Terra Twin is many things. It is wide (surface area). It is short (tail sink). It has four noses!

We’ll get to that last part in a minute, but the additional width helps the Terra Twin float, especially at lower speeds. The fact that it’s wider means that you can (and should) ride it shorter; this provides a playful touch in tighter areas and lets you get loose in the fluffy stuff. The most notable feature of the Terra Twin are its Terra hulls, which are 3D channels in the center- line of the board’s nose and tail. The way Terra Tech works is kind of cool, actually. The channels help move snow efficiently under and away from the board, which translates to high level snow management and means the Terra Twin planes more easily and maintains speed effectively, even in deep snow. This is that four-nose thing.

If you’re into mid-wide, volume shifted boards, the Terra Twin is a really capable all-arounder, and the fact that it is a true twin makes it incredibly versatile. A really fun by- product of the wider shape is that when it comes to groomers, this thing loves to carve. Arbor’s Uprise Fenders aid the board in rocking through edge transitions, so you can shred whatever the conditions are. – Mike Basher

sizes: 152, 155
MSRP: $649.95

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