Never Summer Easy Rider Snowboard

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This one is all in the name. You want something that is going to be easy on the knees when you are mobbing down the hill, easier to flex than the other triple camber offerings from Never Summer, and easy on the eyes when you look down between your bindings? Look no further than the all-new Easy Rider. We watched Sam Klein try to break these all season while filming for his new video part to no avail. We aren’t sure if our abilities would give you any more trust in the board, but we tried it out as well and it fucking ripped.

A new board in Never Summer’s line (besides a limited edition released earlier in spring 2023), the Easy Rider was an easy choice for the 2024 Platinum Picks.

We saw this true twin all-mountain freestyle board ride just as well in the streets of Wisconsin as in the parks out West. We confirmed the observation by taking a few laps through the park and feeling light, poppy, and stable through every feature. It didn’t slip out on a turn, either.

And did we mention the flex already? The Easy Rider isn’t one of those boards that you have to spend too much time on to figure out and lock into. Right out of the box, it feels natural under the feet and ready to go.

But what else would you expect from a board named Easy Rider? Also, the tech is as beefed up as possible and there is a wide option for those running bigger boots. If you care about all the specs, go on the website—we are too busy enjoying actually riding this one to do anymore research.
– Mark Clavin

sizes: 148, 154, 157. 158X, 160X
MSRP: $679.99

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