Ride Snowboards Deep Fake

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Ride set out on a quest about three years ago to develop a high-end snowboard that was easier for anyone to ride. Seems kind of simple for a brand with thirty years of board-press- ing experience, right? Well, there are caveats with “high end.” Most boards that exist in this realm flex like a piece of treat- ed 2×6 lumber. You have to absolutely wrestle them down the mountain, and if you let your guard down, the board will likely make you pay the price. The Ride Deep Fake absolutely defies this stereotype.

Built with the all-mountain freerider in mind (which translates to basically anyone), the Deep Fake is mid-flexing and energetic, but very friendly. Thanks to positive camber between the feet and just a touch of early rise outside of the binding insert packs, the Deep Fake loads lots of energy in the waist but remains catch-free and pressy. The result is that you can blast huge ollies, as well as easily lift your nose as you mob through chop. Ride really found the sweet spot.

In the development phase, Ride’s engineers and product crew had extensive testing and feedback sessions with snowboarders of all shapes, sizes, skill levels, and genders, and by implement- ing Ride’s top technology and developing new processes along the way, the brand has crafted one heck of an all-around snow- board that loves anything you can point it at. You can read a further review of the Deep Fake in our 2024 Women’s Board Test. – Mike Basher

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