Ride Snowboard Boots

Purchase the 2024 Ride Lasso Pro and the Ride Hera Pro at evo.com.

Did you know that, according to industry data, Ride sells more Lasso boots year-to-year in North America than any other brand sells of any other boot? The Ride Hera also sells like hotcakes. We’re going to let you in on a little secret: They’re the same boot. Except for a slightly different last (the internal form of the boot), one shaped around the anatomy of a woman’s foot and the other a man’s, the Hera and Lasso are made up of the same materials and stuffed with the same technology. Because of these boots’ long-standing, beloved performance, Ride built on their legacy by upping the ante with the Ride Lasso Pro, released in 2021, and new for this season, the Hera Pro.

The Lasso Pro and Hera Pro have subtle yet meaningful upgrades that further their durability and performance. They’re geared to a rider who is looking for an ultra-responsive boot that still has straight-out-of-the-box comfort and will hold up in any and all conditions. The pro models have a slightly stiffer flex than their standard counterparts, and both feature Ride’s Intuition Trap Wrap Liner and Tongue Tied Hybrid Harness, resulting in secure and comfortable foothold that provides nuanced board connection. A dual BOA system makes sure you can literally dial them in exactly as you need them. Michelin Summit Soles (free lifetime rotation) are grippy for icy parking lots, up hill climbs, and any other billy-goating around you need to do on hill—plus they’re super durable.

The bottom line: The Ride Hera Pro and Lasso Pro build on Ride’s snowboard boot legacy. They’re meticulously designed for no-fuss, reliable performance and full-on comfort in any conditions. – Mike Basher

Ride Lasso Pro MSRP: $419.95
Ride Hera Pro MSRP: $399.95

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