Rome Brass Snowboard Binding

Purchase the 2024 Rome Brass Bindings.

Since its release in 2021, the Brass has been a favorite click-it-and-rip-it binding; it is comfortable (Auxtech-powered ankle and toe straps), reliable (the FullWrap Platform heel hoop is powerful and stable), and agile (the FullWrap chassis also maximizes energy transfer, taking idea to action with deft precision). The Brass is the apex where hard-charging and all-day comfort meet, and whether you prefer park laps or powder turns (or some of both), this women’s-specific binding performs.

But now there’s more. For 2024, Rome has stepped things up a serious notch by adding the all-new UltraFlex ankle straps to the Brass (for those with larger hooves, the men’s 390 Boss has been graced with the same straps). When Rome unleased AuxTech, its mad-scientist-level, energy-loading strap pattern that forms to your boot, it emphasized the seamless connection between rider and board, enhancing comfort, as well. UltraFlex takes AuxTech to new heights by utilizing a 3D auxetic edge.

In layman’s terms, this means that the outside edge of the ankle strap is not smooth, but instead follows a pattern that not only allows the strap to completely conform to your boots, but that stretches and actually increases in power and energy for a completely harmonious ride. In practice, when you strap into the Brass (or 390), you’re tapped into a level of precision and response that is a full-stop gamechanger, but feels second nature because the binding is so comfy and secure. – Mary T. Walsh

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